Întâlnirea Inimilor - Episoadele 135 şi 136 - 6 Aprilie 2011 |Seriale Online 2011

   Întâlnirea Inimilor - Episoadele 135 şi 136

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3 alyss   (2011-04-06 4:41 PM)
Initially, Dr. Siddhant falls for Dr Tammana. But Tamanna gets engaged to another man leaving for Canada with her fiance. Meanwhile Yuvraj and Naina Fall in love with each other. Yuvi goes to her house to ask his dad for proposal. Dr. Abhimanyu and Dr. Nikita Get Engaged. Dr. Keerti is pregnant and also gives birth to a boy in the elevator when Dr. Naina was the one who was with her in the elevator. Siddhanth's younger sister Suvarna Modi and Yuvraj's arch enemy Raj Singh (Yuvraj Singh) also join Sanjeevani as new interns. Riddhima returns. She and Dr. Siddhant develop an immediate dislike towards each other. But they end up getting married to save their name and pride, when people start doubting that they are having an affair. The show then mainly focuses on their married life and how they are adjusting with their new life (they never really complete their relationship). Armaan returns back. Siddhant decides to divorce Riddhima, but then they decide to stay together. Dr. Shilpa(Riddhima's half sister) joins to Sanjeevani. Armaan and Shilpa initially hate each other but eventually become friends. Soon she starts liking Armaan. She finds out about Armaan and Riddhima and eventually leaves. They retake their vows and do the marriage ceremony again (they still don't complete their relationship). But later on Siddhant realizes that Riddhima only loves Armaan and leaves Riddhima. Finally in the end Armaan and Riddhima end up together and Siddhant moves on.love story of armaan ridhima end happily and shows they were made for each other and there true love and thus a new romantic couple fromed

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2 alyss   (2011-04-06 4:40 PM)
The first season primarily dealt with the lives of 5 interns of Sanjeevani: Riddhima Gupta, Armaan Malik, Anjali Gupta, Atul Joshi & Sapna Shah. Anjali and Riddhima are sisters and daughters of the famous head of Sanjeevani: Dr. Shashank Gupta. In the beginning, Riddhima and Armaan first meet at a basketball court where, riddhima is jogging and Armaan is playing basketball with a few kids. Riddhima bends down to tie her shoe lace at the basket ball court and Armaan accidentally hits the back of her head with the ball. Riddhima turns and Armaan exclaimes "bulls eye" which makes riddhima angry. They start to hate each other but later fall in love. Riddhima finds out that she is adopted and her real mother is Head Nurse, Padma Bhansal. Armaan helps her throught it. Meanwhile, Atul is seen falling for Anjali. Sapna was in love with Dr. Shubhanker but after knowing that he was married and was a father of one daughter she left Sanjeevani to get married with someone else whom she fell in love with later on. Meanwhile two new interns Dr. Rahul Garewal and Dr. Muskaan Chadda join Sanjeevani and they fought a lot with each other. Dr. Rahul and Dr. Armaan were old nemesis since their college days. Initially Rahul takes a liking for Riddhima but eventually ends up falling for Muskaan, who had been crushing on Armaan but she too falls for Rahul. Later in the show, Shashank and Padma get married on Anjali and Riddhima's insistence. The show later introduced two new characters: Senior doctor Dr. Abhimanyu Modi and intern Dr Nikita Malhotra. Dr. Abhimanyu becomes a head of Sanjeevani to help Shashank with his financial problems. Slowly Abhi and Nikki are shown to be falling in love. Dr. Keerti and Dr. Shubhanker get married (as they have been on love). As all the other interns and doctors are falling in love. Armaan and Riddhima go through many misunderstandings and hardships. Their love is like no other love.

Armaan and Riddhima decide to marry, but Armaan's accident makes him lose his memory. He forgets 2 years of his life including his love for Riddhima. Rahul leaves Muskaan as he can't have children. On the other hand Armaan finds out that he loved Riddhima and proposes to her again. On the day of Riddhima and Armaan's engagement, Riddhima comes to meets Armaan in Sanjeevani.

Near the End of Season 1: At Sanjeevani when Ridz comes to meet Armaan

A minister's daughter gets admitted in Sanjeevani after under the pretext of food poisoning however later it is revealed she was pregnant out of a wedlock, with the child of a man who her father disapproved of, as he was a mere sales manger in some company. The guy and his brother enter Sanjivani with guns and Armaan Riddhima learn the truth of the couple ; following which they decide to help them.The minister bribes his police force to shoot down her lover. Riddhima and Armaan's engagement gets halted due to this. So, they exchange rings in Sanjeevani hospital. Shortly, minister's daughter and her lover are killed. In the process, Riddhima too gets shot while trying to save Armaan. She falls on Armaan making him lose his balance. He falls crashing his head on a glass surface. Abhimanyu's wife, Jiah attempts suicide by cutting her hand. Abhimanyu rushes with his wife in his arms, leaving Nikita alone, and eventually leading to their break-up.

Thus, the season 1 ends in a cliffhanger episode with the injury of Riddhima and Armaan, along with the break up of Abhimanyu and Nikita and Atul failing his internship as he got injured while the other interns leave Sanjeevani.

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1 alyss   (2011-04-06 4:32 PM)
Before her first movie, Shilpa did many adverts on television with many famous Bollywood actors such as: Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan. [1]
She started her career with Bollywood film Iqaar By Chance. She rose to stardom when she starred in the television series Dill Mill Gaye, in which she used to play the lead protagonist of Dr. Riddhima Gupta which made her a popular face of the TV world. She was nominated at several Awards ceremonies in 'Best Actress' category for her role in the show such as New Talent Awards in 2008. She won the award alongside Karan Singh Grover for the best on-screen couple in August 2008. Her contract with the production house ended in June 2008 and this consequenced her leaving the show and her role of Dr. Riddhima Gupta.[2] Her good height,acting skills and pretty looks are really cherished.
In March 2010, Shilpa did interview with Star News where she directly replied to her fans on Facebook and talked about her future career. There were talks in March 2010 that Shilpa would be returning to Dill Mill Gayye,.[3]
Shilpa Anand returned to Dill Mill Gayye in June 2010. After two years of absence and producer's insistence she signed a contract for her return in the show in June 2010. The show ended on Oct 29, 2010

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